Interline Reprieve swimming pool, 1,20 high, steel top rail 14 cm wide

A complete above-ground family pool with sand filter

The pool is built up by placing the galvanized steel wall, in which the heavy 32,5/100 thick foil is fastened, in the floor rails. The pool is further assembled by mounting the 11 cm thick vertical supports and the 14 cm wide synthetic top rail. Then mount the built-in parts like the skimmer, etc., to which the filter installation is connected. When completely built or built in you have a beautiful lasting swimming pool in your garden.

The swimming pool is supplied complete with sand filter installation with suction pump, filtering sand, skimmer and inlet fitting and a steel coated A-framed ladder, and, of course, with clear installation instructions.

Warranty: 2 years on pump/filter/liner and 5 years on the pool, of which:
Year 1: 100%
Year 2: 75 %
Year 3: 50%
Year 4: 25%
Year 5: 10%

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Reprieve 3,60 / 1,20 m (pump 5,16 m3 – set 3,6 m3) volume ca. 10 m3


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Reprieve 4,60 / 1,20 m (pump 5,16 m3 – set 3,6 m3) volume ca. 18 m3


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Reprieve 6,10 x 3,60 / 1,20 m (pump 5,16 m3 – set 3,6 m3) volume ca. 21 m3


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