Interline Spruce swimming pool

An Interline Spruce swimming pool will bring you years of carefree swimming fun. Interline did not only select the best pine wood class 4, but also offers a simple and solid construction. Because of this the Interline Spruce swimming pool is easy to build; it will bring you – and that’s a guarantee! – at least 10 years of swimming fun. A luxury quality family pool, available in above-ground and built-in models.

The walls of the swimming pool are 42 mm thick and therefore extremely well thermally insulated. The high-quality swimming pool foil is 70/100 mm thick.

The swimming pool is delivered complete with liner, sub-liner, sand filter installation with suction pump, filtering sand, built-in parts (skimmer, inlet fitting), PVC connection set and stainless steel ladder.

An Interline Spruce swimming pool is built by stacking the wooden beams. The beams slot together using a tongue and groove system to guarantee optimum resistance against water pressure. With the oval models, sideways water pressure is dealt with by the use of strong galvanized steel H-sections. The crosscuts are nicely finished to look good. This method is also used to cover the steel H-sections.

Round 4,40 mRound 5,30 mOval 6,40 x 4,00 mOval 8,40 x 4,90 m


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Swimming pool Spruce Ø 4,40/1,33 m
(pump 6 m3 – set 4 m3)

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Swimming pool Spruce Ø 5,30/1,33 m
(pump 7,5 m3 – set 6 m3)

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Swimming pool Spruce 6,40 x 4,00 / 1,33 m
(pump 7,5 m3 – set 6 m3)

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Swimming pool Spruce 8,40 x 4,90 / 1,33 m
(pump 1 0 m3 – set 8 m3)

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 Vacuum plate skimmer


* Attention: the instructive video deals with the construction of a larch pool. The method shown however, is almost completely similar to the construction of a spruce pool.

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