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Interline heat pump

An Interline heat pump offers you an economical way to heat the water of your swimming pool. The pump uses the energy available in the outside air to generate heat. This process is so efficient, it takes care of appr. 80% of the necessary heating; only appr. 20% has to be provided by electricity, significantly reducing your electricity bill. In other words, you’ll get 5 euro of electricity for every euro you put into the heat pump! On average, you’ll only pay appr. € 175,- to keep 10 cubic meters of pool water at 28 to 30 degrees Celsius from May 1 till September 30 (if the outside temperature averages 24 degrees).

Advantages of the Interline heat pump:

  • low operating costs
  • temperature adjustable
  • digital control unit
  • easy to install
  • extends the swimming season
  • modern heat pump technology with R410A cooling agent and titanium heat exchanger
  • no carbon dioxide emission
  • no need to buy a central heating system
  • defrost function
  • CE approved

We advise to order a bypass kit with every heat pump. The Bypass kit disengages the water flow to the pump so the swimming pool water is still flowing but does not flow through the heat pump. This is necessary when cleaning the swimming pool using chemical products.



Interline heat pumps

Technical specifications3,6 kW 
5,1 kW
Functioning range environmental temperature0-45 °C0-45 °C
Functioning range water temperature5-45 °C5-45 °C
Heating and cooling capacityHeating onlyYes
Heating capacity3,6 kW5,1 kW
COP 5,04,9
Heating capacity (air 24°C, water 24°C)3,83 kW5,1 kW
Heating capacity (air 24°C, water 14°C)2,52 kW3,75 kW
Cooling capacity--4,1 kW
EER (Energy Efficiënt Ratio)--3,9
Power0,70 kW1,05kW
Intensity nominal/maximum3,8 A5,2 A
Electrical requirements220-240V 1 Ph/50Hz     220-240V 1 Ph/50Hz
Compressor typeRotaryRotary
Heat exchangerTitaniumTitanium
Minimum water flow2,5 m3/h3 m3/h
Diameter of the connections50 mm50 mm
Blower power70 W70 W
Blower speed830 RPM830 RPM
Blower directionHorizontalHorizontal
Blower capacity1200 m3/h1600 m3/h
Sound level at 10 metres<50 dB(A)<48 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 760 x 270 x 470  955 x 305 x 565
Dimensions packaging (mm) 895 x 360 x 580 1070 x 400 x 575
Weight 34/38 kg 51/55 kg
Defrost function -- Yes
4-way valve -- Yes
LCD display Yes Yes
Recommended swimming pool volume (with cover) ≤ 20 m3 20-30 m3
Gas R410A R410A
Gas quantity 0,75 kg 0,85 kg
Compressor Rotary Rotary
Security level IPX4 IPX4
CE certified Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 2 years


Interline heat pumps                                                                                  

Technical specifications 
8,5 kW
Functioning range environmental temperature0-45 °C0-45 °C
Functioning range water temperature5-45 °5-45 °C
Heating and cooling capacityYesYes
Heating capacity8,5 kW10kW
Heating capacity (air 24°C, water 24°C)8,5 kW 10 kW
Heating capacity (air 24°C, water 14°C)6,8 kW8 kW
Cooling capacity6,8 kW8,2 kW
EER (Energy Efficiënt Ratio) 4 4
Power1,7 kW 2,05 kW
Intensity nominal/maximum7,9 A  9,5 A
Electrical requirements 220-240V 1 Ph/50 Hz 220-240V 1 Ph/50Hz
Compressor type  Rotary Rotary
Heat exchanger Titanium Titanium
Minimum water flow 3,5 m3/h 4 m3/h
Diameter of the connections 50 mm  50 mm
Blower power 85 W 100W
Blower speed 900 RPM 850 RPM
Blower direction Horizontal Horizontal
Blower capacity 2000 m3/h 2000 m3/h
Sound level at 10 metres <48 dB(A) <48 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 955 x 305 x 565  1005 x 305 x 610
Dimensions packaging (mm 1070 x 405 x 595 1140 x 405 x 640
Weight 54/58 kg 65/69 kg
Defrost function YesYes
4-way valve YesYes
LCD display YesYes
Recommended swimming pool volume (with cover)30 – 55 m355 > 70 m3
Gas quantity1,60 kg1,60 kg
Security levelIPX4IPX4
CE certifiedYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years



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Interline heat pump 3,6 kW



Interline heat pump 5,1 kW



Interline heat pump 8,5 kW



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