Interline Products - Water treatment - Maintenance instructions

Maintenance instructions

Make sure children cannot get in touch with the chlorine products. Strictly follow the regulations on the packaging. Attention: NEVER mix two different brands or kinds of chemicals.

You will have to provide your pool regularly with correction means to keep your swimming pool clean and fresh.

For suppression and prevention of undesirable and dangerous bacteria, the swimming water must be disinfected. This must happen continually. In the Netherlands only products, which are approved by the Committee Permission Prevention means (CTB) are allowed for disinfection of private swimming pools. For the disinfection of private pools only chlorine products are allowed.

The use of chlorine in swimming pools has little effect on the environment. A swimming pool is a closed system, so the swimming pool water does not come in contact with the environment. By draining the swimming pool water with a very high chlorine content or with an extreme low pH-level, there can be a detrimental impact.

Basic disinfection
To keep your pool clean, you have to check the chlorine level of your pool water regularly with an Interline swimming water test kit or test strips. You can see the “free” chlorine level of your pool on this. On the test kit the ideal level is indicated.

You can bring the disinfection of your swimming pool on level with the Interline Mini Tablets 2,7 gr. (suitable for hard and soft water) or you can choose the Interline Long 90 tablets 200 gr. or 20 gr. (suitable for hard and soft water).

Shock treatment
A shock treatment is a procedure which among others will be followed to convert the chloramines (bounded chlorine) into free chlorine.  A shock treatment is used for several purposes:

  • Destruction of bacteria and other micro organisms, which have build a resistance against the usual quantity of chlorine.
  • Prevent an increase of algae
  • Destruction of undesired chloramines (the perpetrator of the smell of chlorine and eye-irritation)

A shock treatment must be done with a quickly dissolving disinfection product. For a shock treatment you can use Interline Shock 55 granulate (for hard and soft water).