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Life can be stressful. Deadlines, frustrations and hassles can lead to sleepless nights and nervous tension. It is time to leave the stresses of the day behind and create a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Lifetime spas were made just for this, relaxation made simple. The Lifestyle’s especially designed jetting systems massage you like the touch of your own personal masseuse, all in the convenience of your backyard.

Superior control by Balboa Watergroup. An advanced, state of the art spa controller provides the ultimate in ease of use, safety and reliability for every spa user. The Powerworks™ with M7 technology is a revolutionary new hardware/software platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches and remote through-wall temperature sensors. The M7 platform features two identical solid state sensors that are mounted inside the heater manifold. These Smart Sensors accurately and reliably measure water temperature while monitoring critical water conditions without the possibility of failure due to mechanical switch malfunction.

Easy to set up and use, your new Lifestyle Spas hot tub will relax away your everyday stresses with its simple plug ‘n play design. All you need to do is plan, place and plug it in the comfort of your own backyard and you are ready to relax.

- Ideal for small spaces
- Fits on balconies
- Great indoors too


- Perfect for families
- Stretch out and relax
- Perfect couples retreat





 R50   R61
Dimensions201 x 159 x 75 cm198 x 198 x 75 cm
Weigth empty125 kg200 kg
Weigth full1.043 kg1297 kg
Volume  965 litres1135 litres
Pump 12Hp, 230V, 2Sp2Hp, 230V, 2Sp
Voltage/Amp230V/1 x 16 Amp230V/1 x 16 Amp
Spa controllerBalboaBalboa
Luxurious insulation coverYesYes
Underwater lightYesYes
Heating (up to 40°C)3kW3kW


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Lifestyle Spa R50



Lifestyle Spa R61