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Aquajet 50

The Aquajet 50 is a unique device that makes each pool suitable for serious swim training. The beautifully designed device is attached to the edge of a pool and then provides a powerful (adjustable) flow of water against which you can swim. The powerful 1.5 kW motor drives a pump with a capacity of 50m3/h, which presses water through the specially designed, adjustable jet. Even an accomplished swimmer must endeavour to swim against it, an excellent workout!
The operation is simple, with pneumatic push buttons. Thanks to the LED lamps mounted in the jet, the water can be beautifully illuminated.

Voltage: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Pump capacity: 50 m3/hr
Pump potential: 1.100 Watt
Jet angle: 60 degrees
On/off: pneumatic push button
LED lights: pneumatic push button
Warranty: 2 years

- 1 Aquajet counter current device for swimming pools
- 1 mounting plate for use with fully or partially built-in swimming pools

Available accessories:
- Telescopic adjustable support leg for above-ground pools


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Aquajet 50

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