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Infrared cabins

Interline infrared cabins

The infrared radiation in a cabin heats the body. The reaction of the body is perspiration and an accelerated blood circulation. The body relaxes, secretes waste and builds resistance, which will make you feel healthier. You will get:

  • Flexible joints and muscles
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Reduced risk of blood pressure problems
  • Better cleaning and regeneration of the skin
  • Less chance of and less problems with inflammation
  • High calorie burning

The convenience of an Interline infrared cabin
Interline cabins do not need much space, are easy to build and to place. You just need a grounded outlet. Operation is simple and the start-up time is short. After 10 minutes the infrared cabin is ready to be used. infrared cabins are energy efficient, with normal use, one session will cost you only € 0,35. 

There are two series of Interline infrared cabins available: